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Coryell County to get flood warning systems in a 'historic moment'

Jun 27, 2024

A grant will fund the development of a flood warning system for several central Texas counties.
By Cris Cordova, KWTX

CORYELL COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) - The Texas General Land Office approved a grant to fund an advance flood warning system in several Central Texas counties, including Coryell County.

The warning system would tell the counties when and where active flooding is as well as where a flood would be heading. Acting Emergency Managment Coordinator, Judge Richard Miller, said the county would benefit from this information.

“I believe this is a historic moment for Coryell County,” Miller said. “It gives us the opportunity to then notify key agencies we’re working with prior to the event being on top of us.”

Texas A&M AgriLife Backland Research and Extension Center will develop flood mitigation models and run flood simulations to determine points of watershed to monitor.

“We can’t prevent floods, but by applying sounds and scientific engineering principles combined with education we can help mitigate flood risk,” Texas A&M AgriLife research scientist, Dr. June Wolfe said.

Watershed is a big factor of Central Texas flooding. Areas where excess rainwater builds up is called a watershed. The flood mitigation models being developed will monitor watersheds so the county will have more warning of floods in the area.

“Mitigation efforts such as this one to, again developing models for understanding the nature of flooding in the area combined with the development of flood warning programs that coordinate authorities and educate the public is helping reduce flood risks.”

The flood warning system will be of no cost to Coryell County.

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